Woodworking Store presents retired residents a pastime to take pleasure in


RAPID CITY, SD – Woodworking was a safe escape for 89-year-old Pete Geyerman and other residents of the Good Samaritan Society campus in St. Martin Village in Rapid City during the pandemic.

Pete Geyerman in the Hobby Shop

Pete lives in the independent housing units and after moving to the village wanted to stay busy to keep his mind and body active.

Geyerman, woodworking hobbyist, says, “I’ve spent many years shoveling snow and mowing grass and so on. I thought this is great, I don’t have to do any of this. After sitting around watching TV and reading books I thought maybe this wasn’t the best move in the world and they opened our hobby shop and I thought I would go over and see what was going on. “

Pete Geyerman in the Hobby Shop

Pete Geyerman in the Hobby Shop

Pete hadn’t done woodwork since high school. A resident woodworking professional taught Pete and many others his skills and now Pete has been in the hobby business for four years. He likes giving items for family as gifts and even helping out with small projects around the facility, and he enjoys spending time with his new-found friends.

“Good relationship with the people who come over and work. I’m just one of the people in the store, ”says Pete.

The hobby store is a place where residents can keep their brains and hands busy, but also a place where they can connect with others through an activity of common interest.

Pete Geyerman in the Hobby Shop

There is a lumber yard on campus where residents can choose their wood. All equipment was donated by the residents.

Pete mainly builds bowls and birdhouses and can spend up to 10-11 hours on each piece.

Pete says, “The woodworking is very intense. You have to make a schedule with scope for whatever I do. I enjoy work the most. It’s just a very nice hobby and we really enjoy our hobby shop. “

Pete Geyerman in the Hobby Shop

Earlier this year, Pete participated in his projects at the local fair and received an overall award along with four top notch ribbons.

The shop has been open for about four years.

Pete Geyerman's woodworking projects

Pete Geyerman’s woodworking projects

You can find Pete in the campus lumber shop most days doing various projects.

Pete Geyerman's woodworking projects

Pete is a Navy veteran in the Korean War and South Dakota born and raised. He has been based in Rapid City since 1958.

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