Will Paul Mainieri from LSU keep in Baton Rouge? Former Coach Talks About Retirement Plans, Bucket Record | LSU

Former LSU baseball coach Paul Mainieri is done coaching the Tigers, but he’s not done with Baton Rouge yet.

His 15-year career at LSU ended on Sunday night when the Tigers made their second superregional game after Tennessee and ended their season.

While his head coach career is coming to an end, Mainieri shared his plans to stay in the Baton Rouge area during his retirement press conference last month.

Paul Mainieri’s coaching career in the Hall of Fame ended with the defeat of LSU in Game 2 of the Superregion. He thought a lot about his father.

Mainieri said he and his wife Karen recently built a house in St. Gabriel that they plan to move into after they retire. He emphasized the fact that it is only one door away from her daughter Samantha, her son-in-law Nick and their two grandchildren.

Mainieri also mentioned that his son Tommy recently graduated from LSU’s School of Dentistry and will work in a practice on Highland Road, less than 15 minutes from St. Gabriel.

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What was Paul Mainieri thinking of during the 9th innings of his last game as LSU baseball coach?

“Karen and I are going to enjoy our lives and do some things we couldn’t do,” said Manieri, explaining that his bucket list includes going to the Kentucky Derby, watching the Masters, and participating in the Indianapolis 500.

“[But] Do you know what i really wanna do I want to visit former players, “said Mainieri.” I don’t want them to come to my funeral one day, then I can’t enjoy them. I want to visit them while they are alive, I want to see the fruits of my labor, I want to see their families. “

Mainieri in the next step:
I’ll do what the new coach asks me to do. I will not exceed my limits. # LSU

– Scott Rabalais (@RabalaisAdv) June 13, 2021

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