US taxation of distributions from French retirement plans

Hello, (I posted the same request in response to a different thread that had a slightly different topic so I decided to post it here as a new request)

I am a US taxpayer, worked in France for a number of years and recently retired here. While working in France, I contributed to an employer-funded pension plan called PERCO, which is something like 401 (k). My contributions were not tax deductible at the time I paid, and I was told that there was no French income tax on distributions, only social security contributions. However, I cannot clearly answer whether PERCO distributions are subject to US income tax. I know that distributions from a 401 (k) or IRA are not subject to French income tax under the US-French tax treaty, so it seems logical that the US would treat PERCO distributions the same way. If I declare a PERCO distribution as income on my 1040, will the US tax me on it?

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