The APPRISE Medicare program explains the probabilities of life medical insurance

The APPRISE program is the state health insurance program created by the Pennsylvania Department of Aging to help Medicare beneficiaries of all ages understand their health insurance options.

The Pennsylvania Department of Aging created APPRISE to help Pennsylvanians with Medicare, Medicaid, and other health insurance questions and / or concerns.

Delaware County’s Lansdowne Senior Community Services APPRISE program has been providing Medicare counseling and education services since 2006.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the APPRISE program was operated remotely over the phone, providing readily available Medicare-certified counselors to answer questions and provide Medicare counseling services to Delaware County’s Medicare beneficiaries.

The APPRISE program’s volunteer advisors are key to the program’s success. APPRISE Volunteer Advisors are fully trained to provide unbiased Medicare health insurance information and Part-D prescribing plan information so that individuals can make informed decisions regarding their Medicare health needs in relation to Medicare plan comparisons and enrollments.

The SCS APPRISE program has provided thousands of Delaware County Medicare beneficiaries with personalized advice on these types of Medicare concerns.

The advisory and educational services of the APPRISE program are free of charge. During the pandemic, the APPRISE program educational presentations have increased, allowing attendees who were unable to attend our Medicare classroom presentations to attend our Medicare educational presentations from home.

The SCS APPRISE program offers five Medicare virtual presentations annually through Zoom and other social media platforms. The presentations offered are Medicare 101 Presentations, Medicare Cost-Sharing Presentations, Supplementary Plan Presentations, Completing a Health Plan Comparative Presentation, and our annual Medicare Update Presentations.

The SCS APPRISE program is dedicated to helping prospective and newly retired Medicare beneficiaries in Delaware County, employers and corporations in need of assistance with Medicare and retirement counseling, Medicare beneficiaries who need help understanding Medicare and choosing Medicare insurance plans as well as beneficiaries / carers who need help with supplemental plan selection and information, beneficiaries / carers who need details of insurance plans and pricing, and beneficiaries / carers who need assistance with objections / billing / claims and problematic Medicare situations .

Contact Delaware County’s APPRISE Program Manager, Glenda A. Radical, at 484-494-3767 or email to schedule or send an appointment for a consultation Email Louisa Mygatt, APPRISE Program Medicare Presentation Coordinator, at louisaapprise @ to register for a Medicare presentation.

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