Rafael Nadal on old-age provision: “A couple of extra years, however the future can’t be predicted.”

Rafael Nadal on old-age provision: “A few more years, but the future cannot be predicted.”

Rafael Nadal says he doesn’t expect to play more than “the next few years” but doesn’t want to make any predictions.

The Spanish ace will make history at Roland Garros in June, where he has the chance to win a record 21st major title.

Roger Federer will get that chance too, and he’ll likely still play professional tennis when he turns 40 later this year.

When asked if he could follow suit, Nadal said he could only really look at the next two years – although he didn’t want to rule out anything.

Rafael Nadal said before Barcelona: “At the moment I’m happy with what I’m doing.

“I’m enjoying it and I hope to have a chance to keep the tournaments for the next few years.

“Of course I won’t play until I’m 45, won’t I? I always try to do things the best I can in order to play as long as possible.

“As everyone knows, one day it will of course happen that you can no longer go on.

“I mean, you can’t predict what’s going on in the future. I have all of my partnerships with my brands, some of them much longer. “

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