Pamplin Media Group – Welcome again to retirement – a spot to name house!

Pamplin Media Group’s Spring 2021 edition of A Place to Call Home has many great on-site suggestions for readers to consider when it is time to consider an old people’s home for loved ones.

With spring in the air, many of our readers are optimistic that things will get better for everyone in the weeks and months to come.

We know this is especially true of all of our friends who live and work in numerous retirement homes across the Portland metropolitan area. All of them have had to make numerous changes and sacrifices to keep their residents and employees safe in the place where many call home.

Christine Moore, editorWhat does “a place to call home” mean? It is a place where you can feel comfortable and safe at all times. It’s a place where you can enjoy good meals. It’s a place with lots of healthy activities. It’s a beautiful and welcoming environment that caters for all of your personal, dietary, and medical needs. And it is a place that you can invite friends and family to visit conveniently.

In our publication “Retirement Living – A Place to Call Home” we illustrate the options for retirement with these aspects in mind. We give you a “first look” at many age groups and hopefully lead to in-person or virtual visits to great local facilities that you believe will meet your or a family member’s needs at the right time.

Pamplin Media Group’s readers are an important part of the population for life in retirement. Audits show that our readers, more than anyone else in the field, are looking for ways to retire. whether for friends, family or yourself. This publication serves both this audience and our participating customers.

Take a stroll through this edition of Retirement Living – A Place to Call Home. Check out the great pictures of stunning living spaces and read about each one. We hope this will be helpful in making future decisions.

Can you imagine how mom or pop live in one of these places? If so, when you are ready we invite you to give them a call.

You count on us to stay tuned, and we depend on you to fund our efforts. High quality local journalism costs time and money. Please support us in protecting the future of community journalism.

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