OneAmerica overcomes obstacles with the mixed pension method

INDIANAPOLIS – (BUSINESS WIRE) – Maintaining multiple retirement plans can be a time-consuming and confusing process for employers with donor dollar stress. However, the OneAmerica® ComboPlan solution offers “simplicity without sacrificing flexibility” when it comes to managing plans.

The optimized ComboPlan solution, which has been continuously developed through years of experience, enables plan sponsors of tax-free organizations to manage several plans at the same time.

According to the Plan Sponsor Council of America, four in ten employers in the nonprofit and state offer more than one type of retirement plan. This means that depending on the organization and how dollars are allocated to people with different job classifications, there may be a complex mix of 401 (a), 401 (k), or 403 (b) and 457 plans at play.

“OneAmerica has always focused on tax-exempt organizations. It’s important for us to find ways to help these employers maximize their time and impact, ”said Sandy McCarthy, president of Retirement Services, OneAmerica. “By simplifying the complexity of managing plans, we can help plan sponsors focus on what can move their organizations and those they serve.”

ComboPlan is a particularly relevant solution for the many tax-free employers who have been challenged and stretched by COVID-19. These organizations have been pillars of their communities during troubled times, providing the support and resources they needed, even when faced with the same pandemic-related challenges as any employer.

“Corporate HR professionals are facing an incredible need to provide services while under pressure due to reduced dues and reimbursements,” said Kim Cochrane, award-winning customer service director at Raffa Retirement Services in Rockville, Maryland. “Then there are the personnel challenges of COVID-19.”

Those at the employer level who manage multiple retirement plans are likely to duplicate tasks like payrolls and censuses (employee status updates), ”said Kevin Kidwell, vice president of national tax-exempt sales at OneAmerica. “You may even have different contacts for your plans. Things are just as complicated for the employee. Separate account registrations lead to a double effort for changes in account and investment monitoring. ”

Kidwell continued, “We know that managing a retirement plan can be complex and fraught with regulatory concerns. That’s why we pride ourselves on helping these business-minded organizations understand their unique challenges and understand the value they bring to their communities. ”

For some record leaders, the more complex the various plans, the higher the cost to the employer. For OneAmerica customers, it’s just a few extra signatures, he said.

“When businesses wonder who to turn to, we’ve been optimizing customer outcomes for tax-neutral plans for over 50 years,” said Kidwell. “We understand testing and the myriad of ever-changing regulations that can weigh on employers, and we continue to improve our service skills. This is a core competence for us, not a side business. ”

OneAmerica® is the marketing name for the OneAmerica companies. Raffa Retirement Services is not an affiliate of OneAmerica.

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