Lester’s Farm Market and Lanes Retirement Living are becoming a member of for the gardening program

Lester’s Farm Market has partnered with Lanes Retirement Living for a program that will make residents at the facility buzz.

With the help of Lester’s, the residents have planted an assortment of vegetables and some flowers in their garden. The facility’s management plans to use the grown vegetables and use them to cook a big dinner for everyone.

Those who live in Lanes look forward to seeing the garden grow, including Dorothy Harding. She says she always had a garden.

Cynthia Taylor, Life Enrichment Coordinator at Lanes, says many of their residents didn’t have many visitors and were very relaxed during COVID, but this project has brought new excitement.

Calling it humiliating to see how happy they are, she notes that like a seed that was planted, their souls have grown during the project.

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