Lendlease Retirement Living ranks first within the sustainability rankings for actual property within the Asia-Pacific area


Lendlease’s Retirement Living Trust has once again topped a global sustainability ranking for real estate, beating 10 market participants from across the Asia-Pacific region in the unlisted residential property category.

GRESBThe Global Real Estate Assessment is the environmental, social and governance (ESG) benchmark for real estate assets.

Nathan Cockerill (Pictured above), CEO of Retirement Living, said: “We have set ourselves the ambitious goal of achieving net zero carbon by 2025 and absolute zero carbon by 2040. These GRESB results show that we are on the right track to meet these goals.”

The Lendlease Retirement Living Trust took second place out of 85 in the Global Residential category and achieved a five-star GRESB rating, an improvement over the four-star rating of the previous year. The sustainability score also rose by 9 points to 92 compared to an average of only 54 points.

This year, Lendlease partnered with the Green Building Council to assess the sustainability of its portfolio of retirement homes, reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 6.63% and energy consumption by 5.5% from 2018.

Lendlease has 75 villages and 17,000 residents across Australia.

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