Huron Plainsman | Nebelsick pronounces pension plans

HURON – After 27 years in the Huron School District, Superintendent Terry Nebelsick announced his resignation on Monday evening at the last Huron School Board of Education meeting of the year.

“I hope that in June, when it comes to an end, we can take my time so that I can remember things. Diane and I are definitely planning to continue our stay in Huron, where we have been for 27 years. This is our home. I’m going to be 65 next summer, and this board took such good care of people that we feel really good about the timing, ”explained Nebelsick. “What has changed in the last few weeks has been the vaccinations and the assurance that we will be able to operate normally again by July 1st. Therefore, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you very much, because we still have a lot to do. ”

A board meeting was held before the board recognized the resignation of board member David Wheeler as his final board meeting was marked on Monday.

“Thank you for the many years of service that I have had to do with you. It’s a great opportunity to be part of the training in Huron and I loved every minute of it, ”commented Wheeler.

Tim VanBerkum, president of the school board, added, “It has been a privilege to serve you for the past eight and a half years,” and other members also thanked Wheeler for his service.

It was announced that Kristi Glanzer has been selected as a substitute director.

The board approved the Huron School District’s COVID-19 Homebound Digital Instruction Program as a replacement for the current Digital Learning Program with the aim of getting students back into class.

“The next thing we want to do is turn away from either distance learning or schooling,” said Nebelsick. “Anything we can do to reinstate children should be our next step.”

Certain criteria are set for particular circumstances suitable for home learning.

“The ultimate goal is to get kids back to school,” said Nebelsick. “I believe in my heart that this is the best place for children. This is what this is about having kids in school. “

In reports to the board of directors, John Halbkat, director of buildings and grounds, presented Gina Gabriel from the maintenance department with the “Classified Employee of the Month December” award.

Fifth grade teacher Michelle Azar gave a talk on using Google Classroom, which has contributed to changing learning methods due to the COVID pandemic.

Worksheets, quizzes and much more are available, as well as instant feedback for teachers and students on various tasks.

“I took up our curriculum. I can publish an order directly and it will be transferred directly to Google Classroom, ”said Azar. “I can check your score as soon as you finish your assignment.”

In new business, two requests were made to use Madison School Gym and Washington School Gym for basketball team practice for boys in the second grade and girls in the fifth grade.

Other points would be the addition of a javelin throw, which will be piloted this year as part of the activities program.

The superintendent’s report highlighted that COVID numbers continue to fall.

“The current numbers situation with COVID is getting better and better under control. Today we had a positive out of 400 employees – that’s absolutely amazing. By this morning we have one student out of 2,800 students and one student positive in the 4-5 center test, ”noted Nebelsick. “My message to the community is that masking works.”

Other moves include Tim VanBurken, who has been appointed LAN representative while Kelly Christopherson has been given approval to continue his role as business manager.

The board approved a contract with Tom Oster of Dakota Education Consulting to find superintendent candidates for the district.

The next meeting will take place on Monday January 11th at 5.30pm in the Instructional Planning Center in the Huron Arena.

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