HR pronounces wage, retirement, and insurance coverage adjustments for workers

The U of A has announced several changes related to employee salaries, insurance, and retirement planning that will go into effect on July 1 for fiscal year 2022.


The units receive a salary pool of 1.5 percent in order to finance performance and performance-oriented fundraising for eligible employees. Senior Administrators hired or promoted between January 1 and June 30 of this year will not be eligible for a raise unless previously approved by the Registrar.


Salary increases will be added to the base salary of current classified employees. Classified employees receive a cost of living adjustment of 1.5 percent.

Some classified employees will receive an additional increase in the starting salary of their assigned grade in the U of A Classified Pay Grid. Please note a summary of the starting salaries for classified employees. The U of A Classified Pay Grid is designed to provide more competitive salaries within approved labor market rates and to address compression within classified positions.

Some craft, public safety, and information technology employees receive an additional increase in the new entry salaries set for these positions at the U of A. Details are passed on to employees through direct email communication.

No performance bonuses are currently planned.


In general, the health insurance plan premiums increase for the Classic, Health Savings, and Premier Plan options, with the Premier plan receiving a greater increase than the other two plans. Individual increases are determined based on selected coverage and salary levels.

The U of A System Benefits website provides details on why the increases are necessary. A PDF summary of the monthly insurance premiums as of July 1st is available.

Subscribers to the current Premier plan may choose to change their subscription to the Classic plan or cancel registrations due to the premium increase for the plan. Current subscribers to the Classic and Health savings plans do not have any change options associated with the premium increase.

There are no increases in co-payments, deductibles or plans, and no changes to the premiums or coverage of dental, life and occupational disability insurance.

Additional information is sent to subscribers.


The required employee contribution to the U of A pension plan is increased from 4 percent to 5 percent, and the required contribution must be deferred for tax purposes. For employees who currently pay less than 5 percent, the contributions are increased to 5 percent.

Employees currently contributing 5 percent or more will not increase their overall contribution. However, 1 percent of your voluntary contribution will be converted into a compulsory contribution.

For more information on changes to the pension plan, please visit the U of A System Benefits website.


Fayetteville Policies and Procedures 732.0 (Workplace: Presence of Children, Other Family Member, or Friends) and Faculty Handbook 2.27 (Children, Other Family Members or Friends in the Workplace) state that employees should not have family members, including children or friends , since regular presence at your workplace. Exceptions should only be made for a short time in special circumstances and must be approved by the employee’s manager.

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