Friday 5: Grumbling about medical insurance, electronic mail, and a racing motion | Native information

2. Politicians and their friends can’t wait to tell me how bad the other side is. Hudson, Cooper, Berger, Moore, the White House, and every group of acronyms in the political alphabet soup are firing emails like an assault rifle all day.

3. Every fringe group in America (far right and far left) as well as every Russian bot has my email address. I bet I delete more than 100 emails a day that are tied to the comprehensive security of our systems.

Underneath all of that are your emails with legitimate stories and concerns. Sometimes they get lost in the crazy shuffle described above. I’m sorry.

Sports editor Jemal Horton and I talked about soccer playoffs for about 30 minutes this morning. I had 25MB of free space when the call started and emails ricocheted when I picked up the laptop.

Number 4

Worthwhile corporate disorder. Here are a few quick hits I found in the email:

• Home Depot hires 550 new employees in the Charlotte area. This also includes the Kannapolis Cloverleaf Store. The jobs are seasonal and both full and part time. Interested candidates are invited to apply by SMS to JOBS at 52270 or online at

• For the past seven years, Tacos 4 Life, in partnership with Feed My Starving Children, has purchased one meal for every meal sold in the restaurants. Through this partnership, the brand has donated more than 16 million meals to children in more than 70 countries.

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