Downtown Well being Care Clinic Open for Providers, House Calls | Native information

Her favorite verse in the Bible, James 1: 2, will soon be hanging on the wall of her waiting room.

“Think it is not strange going through the trials of fires because God builds endurance in us,” Reynolds said. “I always noticed that. With COVID there is more depression, suicide, and for a while people didn’t seek medical care because they were afraid of COVID. As a result, diseases have advanced. “

As part of the clinic, she offers to make home calls within a 15-mile area and focus on elderly people who cannot reach their GP.

“I hate to see people unable to take care of them, then things get really bad for them,” Reynolds said. “When I was a small child, our family doctor would come by on the way home when we children were sick. He would look at us and prescribe medication. Families really appreciated it. “

She said that she felt that she felt compassionate and cared for others, was her field of mission and that she would pray with her patients. She calls herself “Christian in contact with the greatest doctor”.

“I love helping people,” said Reynolds. “We have to take the time to show that we care and help in small ways. There are so many ways to help people besides just medicine. “

The Downtown Health Care Clinic has been open for three weeks and is open Monday through Thursday from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Emphasis is on specializing in family practice to see people of all ages, do good exams for men and women, remove sutures, biopsies, splints and all laboratories. The medical assistant is Christine Ferris and they are still in the process of hiring a receptionist.

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