Coach Okay talks about retirement plans right this moment

Hall of Fame coach Mike Krzyzewski announced that the upcoming season will be his last.

Video transcript

ANA-RIVERA: Good morning, Barbara and John. This will definitely be the end of an era. Coach K has been the coach here at Duke since 1980. And we’ll all listen so closely when we finally hear from him directly about his resignation. So we know Coach K will be retiring at the end of this basketball season, and he leaves quite a legacy, but it goes way beyond the sport.

He mentors young basketball players who have pursued professional careers both on and off the pitch. And when they’re not coaching, many students and community members remember his ministry, especially at the Emily K. Center, a nonprofit education center for students from underrepresented communities. And now other trainers who look up to Coach K are also reacting to the announcement.

MOTON LEVEL: I’m happy for him because he can spend time with his family and grandchildren. Every time I’m with him, he talks about his family and grandchildren.

ANA-RIVERA: And again this morning at 11:30 am we hear from Coach K for the first time. You can watch it right here on ABC 11. We’ll have that on the ABC 11 North Carolina streaming app as well. Back to you.

BARBARA GIBBS: Ana, thank you. And Coach K will leave his job as a legend. Five national titles put him second only to former UCLA coach John Wooden, who won 10, and those stats, according to ESPN. Coach K takes first place in the NCAA, 97 NCAA tournament victories.

He also spent the longest time at the top of the Associated Press’ top 25 poll, at 126 weeks. He has the most college wins in college basketball, 1,170. And 41 first-round picks in the NBA draft.

And you can catch Coach K’s retirement press conference this morning at 11:30 a.m. here on ABC 11,, or the streaming app ABC 11 North Carolina. It’s free and easy to download to your smart TV or streaming device.

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