Clarkstown Police Chief Declares Retirement Plans

After 32 years with the Clarkstown police force and three and a half years as chief executive, Ray McCullagh has announced that he is retiring.

McCullagh’s resignation will take effect Friday April 23rd.

He will be replaced by Captain Jeff Wanamaker, who will serve as interim chief until a new boss is appointed, said George Hoehmann, Clarkstown supervisor.

McCullagh worked his way through the ranks of the department from patrolman, investigator, patrolman, special operations sergeant, lieutenant patrolman to lieutenant in administration. He was a member of the Rockland County Narcotics Task Force and the city’s Critical Incident Response Team.

He is a graduate of LaSalle University and attended the FBI National Academy.

“When Chief McCullagh took responsibility for running this department, he reminded us all that leadership is about empowering and empowering people,” said Hoehmann. “The efforts you have made to build a positive and professional relationship between our department and the community we are all so proud of will continue into the future. Thank you for your service and we hope you find one enjoy long-earned retirement. “

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