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Churchill Retirement Living plans to demolish the Lymington Police Station to construct 32 retirement properties

A PLAN has been submitted to demolish Lymington’s former police station and build old people’s homes.

Churchill Retirement Living has made proposals to the New Forest District Council to demolish the Southampton Road building to make room for 32 apartments.

They include 21 single and 11 double rooms as well as communal facilities and 12 parking spaces.

In October last year officials moved from the old building to the space of the town hall

The company, founded by the multimillionaire brothers Spencer and Clinton McCarthy, supported his endeavor to meet the need for shelter for the elderly.

His motion states: “It is recognized that there is a ‘critical’ need for the provision of housing for the elderly in the country and a significant urgent need within the administrative boundaries of the Council.

“This building permit application will help deliver these much-needed housing, including housing for the elderly.”

The award-winning retirement home builder highlighted that there are currently more than 160 pension developments across the UK and the average age of buyers was 79.

He stressed that any damage that could be detected “is nowhere near significant and has been shown to outweigh the multiple benefits of the application proposal”.

The design also includes bicycle parking spaces and charging stations for electric scooters. A new access will be created from Queen Elizabeth Avenue, closing the existing one and building a pedestrian walkway and grass verge.

The facility, if approved, would have a lodge manager and video access system, a lobby and lounge for the owners, a guest suite, and communal toilets and garbage dumps.

NFDC has already received six letters of objection, one of which claims, “I have worked as a parish carer in Lymington for 10 years and most Lymington nursing homes are 50% occupied and not being sold.

“My entire generation 25-35 years old is being displaced because no affordable housing is being considered in this city. Everything for profit.”

Another commented, “God’s waiting room is in partnership with Lymington.”

As the A&T reports, in October 2020 police officers moved from the old building from 1952 into space at the town hall.

Lymington Society spokesman Donald Mackenzie had previously claimed that building more old people’s homes in the city would “drive out young families.”

A decision is expected after the October 14 public hearing deadline.

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