At VA, you and your loved ones are coated by our strong worker well being program


If you are looking for a position that offers great health benefits, look no further. As a VA employee, you are entitled to comprehensive cover for you and your family at a price that won’t break the bank.

The Federal Employees Health Benefits Program (FEHBP) offers employees more than 200 health insurance plans to choose from – the largest selection of health insurance plans in the country. These plans include service fees, Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs) and HMOs with a point-of-service product, consumer-centric health plans, and highly deductible health plans. The cost to you and the flexibility you have in choosing your healthcare provider will vary depending on the plan.

Although the specific benefits can vary, FEHBP plans all include hospital care, surgical care, inpatient and outpatient care, obstetric care, mental health and substance use care, preventive care, and prescription drugs.

You can choose to pay for additional coverage for dental, visual, and long-term care services and sign up for a flexible healthcare spending account. You can also take advantage of the Employee Assistance Program, which provides private advice and resources to employees with personal or work-related concerns or problems.

Other FEHBP functions

Once you’ve chosen a health plan, we’ll cover most of the cost – usually between 70 and 75%. Under the FEHBP, you may be able to pay for your part of your health insurance plan with your pre-tax income. Known as Premium Conversion, this pre-tax income is not subject to federal income, Medicare, or Social Security taxes, and in most cases, state and local taxes. By reducing your taxable income, less income tax is withheld – which means a higher paycheck for you.

No FEHBP plan requires waiting or a medical examination to sign up. In addition, there are no restrictions on your age or physical condition, even if you change plans. The health insurance can take effect from the first full salary period after starting your work at VA.

Moving on, more coverage

Leaving federal service doesn’t mean you have to leave your excellent health benefits behind. You may be able to temporarily continue your health insurance under the FEHBP. If you leave the company because you are retiring, you may be able to continue your FEHBP coverage into retirement at the same cost that you pay as an employee. You must have been enrolled with FEHBP for five years immediately before you retire. This old-age pension is in addition to an already substantial pension package to which you would also be entitled – and which has become rarer in the private sector.

A great package of health benefits is one of the many reasons to make VA your next or first career goal. A comprehensive, world-class health program that we sponsor can add thousands of dollars to your compensation every year.

Add to this generous vacation and retirement benefits, financial assistance for education and training, student loan programs, performance-based pay raises, and accelerated pay raises, and you’ll see why VA is truly an employer of choice.

While the benefits are unsurpassed, the mission cannot be surpassed either: to serve those who have served us.

Work at VA today

If good health insurance is more important today than ever, choose an employer that you have insured!

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