As child boomers retire in document numbers, the Tellico Village neighborhood ethic brings confidence to retired life

The post-pandemic reality brings special priorities for active seniors as they find the right community for them. While many seniors struggled through isolation and loneliness during COVID-19, residents of Tellico Village experienced a heightened sense of community as residents gathered to help and support one another in pandemic life.

And in the opinion of the residents, this value system gives living in Tellico Village a special quality that cannot be found anywhere else.

“Our exhausting 3 year search for the perfect age community ended when we experienced Tellico Village,” remarked Melissa Karrer. “The beauty of Tennessee and the support and fellowship of community that we felt brought us here and we have never looked back, “she said.

In addition, Tellico Village’s numerous outdoor and recreational facilities allowed active seniors to flourish. As a 4,800 hectare lakeshore with an abundance of social, outdoor, sports and leisure opportunities, the residents of Tellico Village were able to stay active during the pandemic.

“We were fortunate that golf is inherently a game of social distancing and players only touch their own equipment,” said Chris Sykes, Golf director. “We saw record turnouts during the pandemic, which had an impact on both the physical and mental health of residents.”

A UK study published in the spring of 2021 found that retirement communities “increase well-being,” with researchers finding that “compared to those who had not yet entered a retirement community (but considered it ), those who had already moved into a senior community:

  • Stayed healthier longer
  • Were more active
  • Reported less loneliness
  • Felt a greater sense of security
  • Enjoyed life more

Similar data were consistently found in The United States.

For those considering retirement planning, Tellico Village offers Discovery packages that allow potential residents and their families to learn why Tellico Village is consistently rated as one of the best places in the country to retire.

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SOURCE Tellico Village property owners association

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