Anaheim Geese Mailbag: Ryan Getzlaf’s Retirement Plans


Ryan Getzlaf # 15 of the Anaheim Ducks Haffey / Getty Images)

As we head into the 2020-21 season, we all have questions about the Anaheim Ducks. You asked, so we answered.

With the uncertainty of the 2020-21 season, many questions have remained unanswered. Even more for Anaheim Ducks fans. Bob Murray has made his expectations for the season clear; He wants his team to compete. However, his actions seem to reflect exactly the opposite. This left fans both confused and frustrated. We have more questions than we can count with little to no answers.

It’s been a while since we made a mailbag here at Pucks of a Feather, but we knew you would have questions and as always, we have a variety of opinions ready. You asked, and now we answer.

1. Will Ryan Getzlaf retire with the Anaheim Ducks?

Ben Thomasian: Yes, probably. But I was able to see him leave for a season before he came back to retire.

Garrett Brown: This seems like a sensitive issue. Ryan Getzlaf has been at the helm of Anaheim Ducks hockey for many years, and fans may be reluctant to let him go. With players of his caliber and historically long tenure (he could make it into the top 20 games with a single franchise in two more seasons), there are two main reasons a player should break up.

First, they could fall victim to a salary cap (see Corey Perry). In this case, when signing a contract in his prime, a player can make a long-term claim, but by the end of the deal, due to the player’s diminishing returns, he has become an anchor for a team. Buyouts or one-sided trades will follow soon.

The second possibility is that after years of chasing the famous Stanley Cup, a player might make the tough decision of leaving instead of spending the twilight of their career on a competing team (see Joe Thornton or Ray Bourque). Since Ryan Getzlaf doesn’t fit that bill on either end, I’m assuming he’ll end his career with the Ducks.

For now; Yes, its salary harms the ducks in relation to its production. However, his contract is up next year and the next contract he signs will be a lot smaller and I believe Bob Murray wants to bring back a captain able to look after tons of young ducks.

Brad Senecal: Yes. Now I believe that at some point there may be a detour as Getzlaf enters the last year of his contract term. I mentioned in my previous article that Murray would be crazy not to move the captain if the Anaheim Ducks are outside of the playoff race after the trading deadline.

Getzlaf played a long time and I think he’d like to run another Stanley Cup run. There are a ton of teams that could use a player like Getzlaf to overdo their team, although the ducks would have to keep the salary I think they could still get fair compensation.

I don’t think Getzlaf is ready to retire a few more years, however, and if he leaves by the deadline and potentially wins the trophy, he will return to Anaheim to end his career, much like Patrick Marleau (with Exception of another trade) year of course).

Ciara Durant: Yes. I have no doubt that Ryan Getzlaf will be retiring with the Anaheim Ducks. Ryan Getzlaf is the Anaheim Ducks. Every high point the franchise has reached has been directed by Dadslaf, the bald-headed chicken coop favorite. Getzy not retiring with the ducks would be an even bigger farce than Paul Kariya and possibly Corey Perry not retiring with the organization.

I think the more important question is, will Ryan Getzlaf spend his entire career in Anaheim? And that’s a subject, similar to Pears, that is painful to talk about. With all the rumors surrounding our captain over the past two seasons, I would be no surprise if Bob Murray offered him the opportunity to play elsewhere before retiring for the chance for another trophy.

His contract is pretty expensive, and while he’s off the books after the next season, Murray could bring in a decent asset or two by trading Getzy at close of trade. I doubt the ducks actually pull the trigger, but neither did I think they’d actually buy up Corey Perry. Even so, Getzlaf will retire as a duck. I’m sure fans would rather burn the Honda Center down before retiring him in anything other than a Ducks jersey.

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