AIG Retirement Providers introduces Complete Retirement Providers and seamlessly integrates retirement plans and pensions


NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE) – AIG Retirement Services, a leading provider of retirement plans for tax-exempt and public employers, today announced the launch of its Total Retirement Services, a comprehensive solution that seamlessly combines and simplifies defined contribution (DC) and defined benefit (DB) experience in retirement planning for employees and employers.

By integrating DC and DB plans, Total Retirement Services provides retirement plan participants with a simplified view of how much money they might have in retirement – whether it comes from their retirement assets, a pension, or both. With a single website and mobile app, full bank statements, a toll-free call center, and access to a finance professional with insight into the full picture of retirement, employees have what they need to make more informed decisions about their retirement, investments and timing.

“In the current environment, employers are urged to do more to contribute to the well-being of their employees,” said Gilliane Isabelle, chief distribution officer of AIG Retirement Services. “Our Total Retirement Services enable employees through holistic financial planning and a clear view of their future paychecks for retirement. At the same time, they help employers cope with the burden of maintaining and adhering to plans. ”

Total Retirement Services combines plan management and logging for DC and DB plans and reduces the time and resources employers spend on logistical challenges in order to provide employees with a holistic view of their entire retirement benefits. The end-to-end program maximizes the value of retirement plans through world-class technology, retirement benefit expertise, and advanced compliance support.

To bring Total Retirement Services to market, AIG Retirement Services selected Findley, a division of USI, to provide DB administration services. and control of compliance risk.

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